Top tourist spot installs timers in restrooms。 Critics ask why

A major tourist attraction in China has come under fire for installing timers on the doors of its women's toilets in an effort to cut restroom queueing times.

The Yungang Grottoes cave complex in Shanxi province in northern China was created more than 1,600 years ago.

It features 45 major caves and more than 59,000 stone sculptures in Central and West Asian and European styles.

The site attracted more than three million visitors last year, generating an income of 200 million yuan (US$28 million), according to Yungang Grottoes Academe.

In June, a video went viral showing timers installed in the site's women's toilets.

The video shows that each door in the restroom is fitted with a timer. When occupied, the timer turns red and starts counting, when unoccupied, it turns green.

A member of staff at the grottoes said that increasing visitor numbers coupled with insufficient restrooms had led to long queues, adding that the timers were installed to address the problem.

The timers do not impose a time limit but only indicate whether the toilet is occupied.

The move sparked a heated debate on mainland social media.

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