Take Your Mandarin to the Next Level This Summer!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the

vibrant culture and rich language of China? 

Join a Chinese Summer Course

and learn Mandarin while experiencing

the excitement of the Chinese summer.

Chinese Summer

Courses Details


Joining one of the Chinese Summer Courses is the perfect opportunity to enjoy China while taking your Mandarin skills to the next level.
Choose the option that suits you best:

01. Small-Group or Private

  • Group Course

With only up to 8 students/class, you will still have personalized learning and the teacher can keep track of your progress. Plus you can meet other international students from different countries & backgrounds.

  • 1-on-1 Private Course

A Private Chinese Course is suitable for students who seek personalized attention. The learning content of the private classes can be tailor-made based on your learning goals, as well as your interests, learning style, and pace.

02. Intensive or Part-Time

  • Intensive Course

An Intensive Chinese Course is perfect for students who want to learn more within a limited period. With 20 classes per week, you'll boost your Chinese skills rapidly. The program is suitable for beginners and learners who want to quickly take their Mandarin to the next level.

  • Part-Time Course

A Part-Time Chinese Course is a perfect choice for those who want to learn Chinese at a leisurely pace. You can easily combine this course with other activities you might have during your stay in China.

Start Dates & Locations


The starting dates listed below are for absolute beginners. Other levels can join on any day.

01. Part-Time Group Courses