Hiring!! Full-Time Native English Translator in Beijing or Xi'an

GSL has been established for nearly 20 years and is an innovative one-stop language technology solution provider. Our main clients include leading Chinese companies such as Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, and OPPO. GSL focuses on industries such as ICT, games, intellectual property, life sciences, and finance & law, offering multilingual translation, interpretation, localization, and desktop publishing services.

Job Responsibilities(职位职责):

• Familiarity with translating mobile products, the ability to conduct language testing for products, review and summarize translation projects, and provide recommendations for R&D and UX design. 

• Capable of overseeing end-to-end translation projects for terminal products (e.g., mobile translation projects, large screen translation projects, PC translation projects, wearable device translation projects, etc.), and maintaining and improving product style guides, terminology, and standards. 

• Ability to conduct competitive analysis of products, suggest improvement measures, and implement them. 

• Understanding of product interface design and development, familiarity with global features, and the ability to propose improvements for product localization and globalization-related tasks.

Job Requirements(职位要求):

• Native English speakers from the United Kingdom, United States, or Canada. 

• Proficiency in English, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with a deep understanding of English and American cultural norms. 

• Fluent in Chinese are preferred. 

• Bachelor's degree or higher in language, culture, or communication-related fields, with a minimum of approximately 4 years of experience in translating documents or user interfaces in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector. Candidates with experience in translating products such as mobile devices are preferred. 

• Proficiency in using CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools such as Trados and quality assurance tools like Xbench. Experience in managing translation tasks, ensuring translation quality, and optimizing translation processes to enhance quality.

Work location(工作地点):

Haidian District, Beijing, China or Chang'an District, Xi'an, China

Contact Person(联系人):王薇女士

Email(邮件):[email protected]

Mobile&Wechat:139 8200 5915

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