Foreign "seat robbers" seize two seats and call others SB。

A netizen posted an online complaint regarding her experience on a train. She stated that two immigrants each occupied two seats, for a total of four seats. She also stated that none of these seats belonged to her.

She courteously addressed them in English; however, they feigned to be incapable of comprehending the language.

Someone requested assistance from the train attendant; however, the two foreigners neglected the attendant and acted with arrogance, as if they were superior.

In conclusion, only the two immigrants exhibited appropriate behavior upon the arrival of the train police.

It was only the individual in the purple blouse who complied with the train police's request to inspect their tickets.

They were intended to be seated in carriage 14, but instead they were seated in carriage 18.

They reportedly had seats next to each other in the same row. However, they desired to converse in person, so they attempted to reclaim others' seats in carriage 14.