4 foreigners stabbed in China; investigation is ongoing。

Local police have apprehended the perpetrator of the stabbing of four American education students in a park in Jilin City, Jilin Province.

According to a police statement, the 55-year-old male suspect and one of the injured victims collided while walking in Beishan Park. 

The suspect then used a dagger to attack this foreign national, three other foreign nationals who were with him, and a Chinese tourist who attempted to intervene. 

On Tuesday, the local police reported that the four foreign nationals and the Chinese victim were not in a life-threatening condition. 

At 11:49 a.m. on Monday, police received information about the incident at the park. Police officers promptly arrived at the scene, promptly transported the injured victims to the hospital for treatment, and promptly apprehended the suspect. 

Police reported that the suspect, identified as Cui, was apprehended on the same day. Cornell College in Iowa, US, invited the four foreign nationals to teach at Beihua University as part of their cooperation program.

At present, all of the injured have received appropriate medical care and are not in a life-threatening condition. 

The police have stated that additional investigations and related work regarding the matter are currently underway. 

The Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokesperson, Lin Jian, announced on Tuesday that all injured individuals received prompt hospital transportation and appropriate treatment. 

She also stated that none of the injured were in a life-threatening condition.

Lin stated during a press conference on Tuesday that the police initially determined the incident to be random and that an investigation is currently underway. 

According to Lin, China consistently implements effective measures to ensure the safety of all foreign nationals in China, making it one of the most secure nations in the world. This policy will persist indefinitely. 

The spokesperson emphasized that such unforeseen incidents will not impact the normal cultural exchanges between the United States and China.

When a reporter questioned Lin about whether it is a targeted or random case, Lin reiterated that China is considered one of the safest countries in the world. 

China has consistently implemented and will continue to implement effective measures to ensure the safety of all foreign nationals in the country.

Lin responded that the police are currently conducting an active investigation when reporters inquired about whether any suspects had been apprehended or whether the motive for the incident was determined during the press conference.

"The police initially judged that this was a random incident and that the situation is under further investigation," he stated.

Source: 吉林市公安局船营分局