The 10th Europe Forum 2024 • Paris


Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries 60 years ago, bilateral trade between China and France has grown from around $100 million to nearly $80 billion in 2023. In May this year, President Xi Jinping and President Emmanuel Macron met to mark the anniversary of the countries' formal relationship and look toward a shared future, discussing common interests as well as points of contention in one of the world's most significant bilateral relationships. The signing of 18 interdepartmental cooperation agreements and 15 commercial contracts demonstrates a desire on both sides to promote openness and high-quality development, as well as the vast potential of pragmatic cooperation between China and France.

These events took place amidst geopolitical shifts and profound economic changes. While these significant headwinds are leading some to already proclaim the end of globalisation, the truth is far more complex, with companies and countries still eagerly seeking avenues to access global markets despite new restrictions and, in some areas, a decreased appetite for free trade. Nowhere do we see this playing out in a more fascinating way than in the relationship between China and Europe.

Chinese companies are making significant strides in international expansion, with economic transition and market demands accelerating the pace at which the country's enterprises move to integrate into the global economy. In fields such as electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, and cross-border e-commerce, they are displaying an impressive level of innovation and have established themselves at the forefront of some of the industries of the future.

One of China's foremost European trading partners, France offers a mature startup ecosystem and a vibrant atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship that make it a natural destination for Chinese enterprises venturing abroad. France boasts 13,000 VC-funded startups that employ over 600,000 workers in the country, and its "French Tech 2030" plan aims to create a robust ecosystem for cooperation between companies not just from France but from around the globe. Against this backdrop, the increasing interdependence and mutual development of exciting new enterprises from both China and France is likely to continue to develop.

This cooperation requires a spirit of innovation and collaboration on both sides. Faced with intense international competition, cultural differences, and policy risks, how can Chinese enterprises leverage innovation to achieve breakthroughs and realise their aspirations for global development? How can France discern which Chinese firms it should welcome to maximise the benefits of their global expansion? On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the China-Europe International Business School, the tenth "European Forum" will be held again in Paris, inviting entrepreneurs, renowned scholars, and government officials from both China and France to answer these questions, sharing their valuable experience in overseas market practices and discussing how enterprises from both countries can work hand in hand for mutually – and globally - beneficial outcomes.

Date: June 3 (Monday), 2024

Venue: 2 place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris

Organisers: China Europe International Business School (CEIBS); CCI Paris Île-de-France

Co-organiser: CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp


Host: Frank BOURNOIS, Vice President, Dean, and Professor of General Management and Leadership, CEIBS


Check-in & Networking


Welcome Addresses

• WANG Hong, President and Professor of Management, CEIBS【Video】

• Representative of CCI Paris Île-de-France


Opening Addresses

CHEN Dong, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in France


Keynote Speech 1: EU-China Relations Amidst a Shifting International Order

Dominique de VILLEPIN, Former Prime Minister of France; Distinguished Professor, CEIBS


Keynote Speech 2: Gathering Innovative Forces and Jointly Promoting Sino-French Cooperation

François BITOUZET, CEO, Viva Technology


Keynote Speech 3: Practice of Chinese Enterprises Going to Europe

SHI Xiaodong, President, NEXGO; CEIBS alumnus


Coffee Break


Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Chinese Enterprises Going Global

Moderator: GONG Yan, Professor of Entrepreneurial Management Practice, CEIBS;Programme Director of CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp


• Dylan THUILLIER, President & Founder Nature4growth

• LI Hanqiong, Vice Chairman and President, YOUNGOR

• CAI Tianyi, Founder and CEO, Versa; CEIBS alumnus

• LE Kedeng, Chairman, AG Esports; CEIBS alumnus

• Arnaud MELILLI,Director of Asia Pacific, Choose Paris Region




Closing Remarks

Dominique TURPIN, President (European) and Professor of Marketing, CEIBS

* The agenda is subject to change.




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