That's Magazines - May 2020 Issues Out Now!

By Matthew Bossons

The May issues of Thats BeijingThats GBA and Thats Shanghai are out now, in both paper-and-ink form citywide and digital PDF form on our website. Here, Editor-in-Chief Matthew Bossons introduces the magazines:

The animal agriculture industry has been rightly panned for its role in environmental degradation, coral reef degeneration, biodiversity loss and, of course, climate change. If the whole world were to turn vegetarian or vegan tomorrow, I can promise you the positive impact on our planets health would be massive (consider it).

As a nation that consumes close to 50% of the worlds pork products annually, China plays an outsized role in efforts to downsize our addiction to animal proteins. In this months cover story, we explore how plant-based meats could help Chinese people scale back their meat intake and how such a change could help China reduce its carbon footprint and ensure its food security (page 40).

Elsewhere in the magazine, Nick Bonner, founder of Koryo Tours, shares his insights on North Korean artwork (page 12). Additionally, the travel companys general manager, Simon Cockerell, introduces us to some rad destinations in Central Asia in our Travel section (page 25).

Theres also an interview with a Shenzhen-based filmmaker in our Arts & Life section (page 22), an informative investment guide in Business & Tech (page 36) and, as always, our monthly horoscopes in the back of the mag.

Ill leave everyone with a friendly reminder to wash your hands and wear a mask in confined social spaces.

Until next month,

Matthew Bossons

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