Are People Having Sex Susceptible to a COVID-19 Infection?

Are you susceptible to a COVID-19 infection if youre having sex?

The simplified answer is no. Novel coronavirus viruses are transmitted mainly by respiratory tract infection through droplets, but not by sexual transmission, according to a recently published study conducted by American scientists in the industry journal Fertility & Sterility.

Health scientists at the University of Utah who participated in an international study of recently infected men said it was unlikely for COVID-19 to be transmitted through semen. There is no evidence that the virus causing COVID-19 related infections is present in the semen or testicles of men.

However, one must know that this study is not comprehensive enough to completely rule out the possibility of COVID-19 sexual transmission. But based on the limited studies that have been conducted so far, the possibility of sexual transmission of COVID-19 remains low.

"The fact that the virus that causes COVID-19 does not show up in the testes or semen in this small study may be a major finding," said the studys co-author, James M. Hotaling, MD, an associate professor of reproductive urology in men in the United States.

If diseases such as COVID-19 were sexually transmitted, such a discovery would have a major impact on disease prevention, with serious consequences for men's long-term reproductive health and everyones individual safety.

"Men with severe COVID-19 infections may have a higher viral load, which may lead to a greater likelihood of semen infection," Hotaling said. We just don't have the answer to that right now. But we know that we did not find any COVID-19 in patients who had mild to moderate recovery in this study, which is reassuring."

Nonetheless, Hotaling warns that close contact still increases the risk of disease transmission through coughing, sneezing and kissing. Asymptomatic individuals are also still a potential throat, who may end up passing the virus on to others without their knowing it despite appearing healthy.


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