Young Chinese Not Keen to Get Married; Rates Are Down By

A total of 2.79 million couples registered for marriages in the first quarter of this year according to Chinas Ministry of Civil Affairs, down 46% from last year.

At present, 5,771 marriage registration offices around the country have resumed work, with no cases of cross-infection or infection clusters of COVID-19 reported during marriage registrations, which are in decline for the fourth consecutive year.

Why is the younger generation of Chinese people reluctant to get married 

This has been an ongoing debate taking up a lot of forums and social media channels where netizens share mixed feelings. 

From many people's perspective, they believe that todays young Chinese are under more pressure than their parents' generation, both in terms of housing prices and social pressure.  As a result, they are increasingly more cautious in their choice of marriage.

Many of today's younger folks have also changed their view on procreation, claiming that freedom is the ultimate pursuit.

What do you make of this declining rate in marriage registrations?

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Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H