"Can we restart 2020?"

From Kobe Bryant's death to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak around the world, the year 2020 has been unfolded in a way most of us are unwilling to see, or even accept. Some people say their biggest wish for now is to restart the year of 2020, while others take a more pragmatic approach to solve problems and fight COVID-19.

Regardless of how your life is right now, every one of us surely has some problems in our life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope after reading this article, you can find your problem-solver and move forward with your life.

Mental health

The invisible COVID-19 virus has taken away many lives and impacted human beings in various, unexpected ways. For survivors, they might be left traumatized by their ICU experience. For residents under the government's lockdown order, they might develop mental health problems. As the world is struggling with the virus, everyone is undergoing a psychological experiment -- to get used to life under COVID-19. With his extensive experience in high-level corporate positions in multinational companies with in-depth psychological counseling expertise, David helps individuals, schools, universities. and companies by providing psychological counseling, therapy, coaching, training, and speeches. He recently offers insights into quarantine, work-from-home, and homeschooling in COVID-19 times on TV. Find David in "AnyHelper Advisors" at the end of the article under HEALTHCARE.



News reports have stated that divorce rates have increased sharply in China during mandatory lockdowns aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus. Sorry to hear that if you're having difficult times dealing with your loved one(s). Wondering if your spouse can give away property without consent? Is looking at your boyfriend's phone secretly illegal? Edgar has all the answers! He's currently a law expert at Fudan University. Find Edgar in "AnyHelper Advisors" at the end of the article under LAW & FINANCE.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, some students have complained that they can't visit the school office to ask questions about the application or admission or they feel uncomfortable communicating through email with school officials. No worries! Admissions officers from East China Normal University are ready to answer your questions on WeChat! Ask questions like ECNU's academic and scholarship programs, international students' life at ECNU, or any you might have! Extract the code to join the group.


Whether you're still being quarantined or can't go to the gym for some reason, staying physically and mentally healthy while at home is important. Your experts in Pilates and movement therapy is HEREHilda has been doing Pilates for 13 years and is a certified Pilates instructor and movement coach. Yoga lovers.... you're also at the right place. Join a community of yoga lovers with Angela to make yoga accessible to everyone! Find Hilda and Angela in "AnyHelper Advisors" at the end of the article under BODY & BEAUTY.


"The world economy is now collapsing," said Martin Wolf, the chief economics commentator at the Financial Times. American employers cut 701,000 jobs in March. China's economy shrank by 6.8% in the first three months of 2020. Companies are laying off employees due to the coronavirus outbreak. We can't deny the fact that many foreign friends in China have lost their job. As the graduation season quickly approaches, job demands are going to be skyrocketing. Talk to job consultant Joey one-on-one for available openings in cities across China or the world. A global recruitment platform was also recently launched. Submit your resume now and hope your career change can be successful in this difficult time. Joey can be reached below under "AnyHelper Advisors."

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