Warm-Hearted Foreign Volunteer Joins Chinese Community Service

Every afternoon, Nami Moallem puts on a mask, wears a red band around his arm and checks residents' temperature at the front gate of a community with an infrared thermometer in Tianjin.

He has volunteered to help with epidemic prevention and control in his community every day for more than a month. He takes the temperature of the residents, checks their entry permits and writes down records of entries and exits.

The 58-year-old is from Canada and has coached student football teams at schools in Tianjin since 2007.

Nami and his family traveled in Southeast Asia during the Spring Festival holiday when the epidemic became serious in Wuhan.

"My brother asked me to come back to Canada directly, but my home is in Tianjin right now. I just had to come back here," he said.

After arriving in Tianjin, Nami told local district officials about his family's travel history, underwent quarantine for 14 days and got his own health barcode.

"If I had a fever, the local people can check my mobile phone and trace my movements based on the health QR code, which is necessary for the epidemic prevention and control," Nami said, adding that the facts proved these anti-epidemic measures were very effective.

Then, Nami joined a local volunteer team. He thought it was a good opportunity to educate his two sons and let them know about the spirit of unity by working together to fight the epidemic regardless of backgrounds.

"I did the volunteer work not only for me or my family but for the whole community. That's meaningful," Nami said.

"Though I just did little, I hope more foreign people will see what I am doing and work together with the Chinese to fight the epidemic," Nami said, as many cities in China recently reported imported cases from overseas.

Zhao Ming, who established the volunteer team with 51 members, said the community has about 300 foreign residents.

"Nami can help us with translation," Zhang said. "It is so much easier with his help to communicate with foreign people."

"I believe that I'm a world citizen and that the earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens. We are stronger when we are united," Nami said. 

Source: Xinhua

Editor: Crystal H