This City to Implement New Regulations Against Behaviors Like

Since the beginning of spring, parks in Beijing have been flooded with people looking to get closer to nature, after spending much of 2020 in their homes, and appreciate the yearly process of flowers blooming into their seasonal shapes and colors. 

However, despite the glimpse of hope that life may soon return to normality, citizens are still required to wear masks when out in public, among other regulations implemented by the government such as gathering in crowds and spitting. 

In response to such behaviors, some of Beijings parks will soon be launching a joint communication campaign to remind people of the 13 types of uncivilized acts and behaviors that are prohibited and subject to further action by local authorities, including fines.

This is in part due to the recent outbreak and the citys attempt to control further spread of the virus, while also protecting our green spaces and other natural environments from being damaged by disorderly behavior.

As of mid-April, the citys first list of uncivilized behaviors in public green spaces will be officially released to encourage the public to be more mindful of the people around them and their environment, said Ye Xiangyang, Director of the Capital Greening Office's landscaping park management.

Among such behaviors, Ye lists failure to wear a mask, gathering in crowds, spitting, ticket scalping, and any disorderly behavior that park volunteers dispatched in some of the citys big green spaces would be alert to. 

Other more routinely discouraged behaviors in this list include: digging wild vegetables, stepping on grass, climbing trees, scribbling, camping and barbecue, swimming and fishing, bringing your dog in parks that prohibit it, and harming any animal or wildlife.

Failure to abide by some of those new regulations will result in fines. For instance, digging plants or damaging public lawns and trees will be punishable with a fine of between RMB 50 yuan and RMB 100, according to Beijing park regulations.

Editor: Crystal H