SOME Foreigners Will Need to Be Tested for The Virus! Be Aware!

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

On April 16, 2020, Guangzhou CDC held a press conference and stipulated that those Chinese and foreigners in Guangzhou who have been released from a 14-day quarantine shall take the initiative to conduct another two nucleic acid tests on the 7th and 14th day after release in designated hospitals.

Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of Guangzhou CDC introduced the regulation. Per Zhang, people including foreigners and Chinese who have been in a risky situation of infection shall be released after the quarantine is over given theyve received two negative test results and have never been exposed to the high-risk places. 

Most of the expats who received a quarantine have been living and working in Guangzhou for a quite long time, they are residents in town. Measures towards them are completely consistent with that to Chinese that were in similar situation. Additionally, for those who are hospitalized, we provided services of diagnosis, treatment and discharge strictly in accordance with the Prevention and Control Plan promulgated by the State." Zhang said. 

Two Post-Quarantine Nucleic Acid Tests Needed

Per the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, all expats who have been released from a quarantine are required to conduct two more nucleic acid retests at designated hospitals with relevant materials.

Meanwhile, those hospitals also offer nucleic acid testing service to individuals who doubt they might have been exposed to a suspected situation of COVID-19.