Some Foreigners Can Still Enter China! Can Teachers or Students?

Source: OT-Team(AFJ)

On March 30, according to the press conference held by the State Council, the National Immigration Administration specified the circumstances about the entry-exit of expats during the outbreak.

Under What Circumstance Can a Foreigner Enter China Now?

According to the Chinese authority, for the time being, a foreigner is still allowed to enter China under any of these circumstances:

  1. Foreigners with visas issued after March 26th;

  2. Foreigners who come to mainland China to engage in necessary economic, trade, technological and other activities or for urgent humanitarian needs, can apply for visas to China from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad.

  3. Foreigners with diplomatic, official, courtesy or C visas.

Can Foreign Teachers & Students enter China? No, but

From March 29 to April 4, CAAC plans to reduce the international passenger flights to 108, only 1.2% of its counterpart before the outbreak. Facing both entry restrictions and traffic control, the foreign teachers and students cannot enter the country for the time being.

As for it, news staff interviewed the heads of relevant departments on what would they do to help the foreign students and foreign teachers.

For International Students

Liu Jin, director of the office of the Ministry of Education of the PRC responded to the arrangement of studies and examinations for foreign students.

According to Liu, for all overseas students, the Ministry of Education requires that all the schools must provide them with good online teaching. 

For those from a graduating class, schools shall provide them with academic support, online guidance and necessary help in other forms to help them complete their graduation papers. Besides, students who are willing to suspend or stop their learning shall be assisted in handling relevant procedures.

For Foreign Teachers

Per Wang Yushi, the Minister of China Services International, these measures are suggested be taken to help the foreign teachers who cannot return to China due to the pandemic:

  1. Explore an effective mode of combination of online and offline teaching together;

  2. The schools shall manage foreign teachers in a timely manner, including paying them on time and negotiating with them on the later work plan in China; prepare for the recruitment of foreign teachers after the pandemic by setting up cross-border online interviews, etc.