Shanghai Schools Stock Up Ahead of Return to Classes

Masks, protective clothing, medical gloves and alcohol cotton balls are just some of the epidemic prevention supplies sitting on two big shelves in a storage center of Luwan Middle School in Shanghai.

"The municipal commission of education and the district education bureau require that we have enough reserves of masks to last a week for one person per day, said Zhang Yi, principal of Luwan Middle School.

Students in the last year of their junior high schools and senior high schools in Shanghai will return to school on April 27. Zhang Yi said that the school has prepared gift packages containing face masks, plastic bags for the masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes and epidemic prevention guides as well as a special item for students about to resume classes.

According to the education bureau from Huangpu district in Shanghai, all students in the district will receive the gift package when they return to school.

As an example of the special item, the Dajing Middle School affiliated to Shanghai Foreign Studies University has prepared two cards for every student-- a "Health Management Card" and a "Psychological Counselling Appointment Card", which shows that the school pays great attention to the physical and mental health of students. It also reflects that personalized services are available for students who need them. 

Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H

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