Q&A On Coronavirus Testing - Needed to Enter Beijing!

Source: OT-Team (AFJ), China Daily

As per Chinese CDC, since April 12, 2020, all arrivals to Beijing who stay in a hotel, must provide a nucleic acid test certificate. So, in addition to those people, who else also need to take the test? And where shall people go for a test inside and outside Beijing? More importantly, how much does it cost?

As for these questions, the media staff interviewed various agencies and departments, and here are the authoritative answers.


Q1: Who needs to do nucleic acid test before coming to Beijing?

A1: In addition to people need to stay at hotel, these three groups of people also need to take the test:

  • The confirmed/suspected cases of COVID-19 and their close contacts;

  • All overseas returnees to Beijing;

  • People returning from Wuhan.

It is worth mentioning that for those staying at a hotel, before checking in, they must provide the national Health Code or the Health Kit, and the information of a contact person based in Beijing is also required.

Q2: Which institutions in Beijing can provide a nucleic acid test?

A2: Up to now, 46 institutions in Beijing are qualified for the nucleic acid testing of novel coronavirus, including the CDC, medical institutions and third-party testing institutions. Among them, 28 offer testing service for individuals and groups, while the rest provide testing service only for groups. Per the needs now, 24/7 services are provided in most of the institutions.

However, according to the work staff, the CDC is open for those who are confirmed or suspected only. As for the hospitals, it depends on each, individually. Some are only open for the fever patients, and others provide nucleic acid test service to individuals who have made an appointment.

Q3: Before entering Beijing, where can people get tested?

A3: As of now, Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changsha have announced a list of novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing institutions. Generally speaking, it is a paid service where enterprises and institutions need to make an appointment through voluntary means. As for individuals, they shall contact the institutions listed by the local governments to confirm whether they can book the service or not.

Q4: How much does a nucleic acid test cost?

A4: The price ranges from 200 to 300 Yuan, depending on the actual situation of the institution.