Over 6,000 Foreigners Have Been Quarantined in Guangzhou

The Health Commission in Guangzhou announced that as of April 7th, 32,182 people have been quarantined 6,321 of whom were foreign travelers or residents.  

Among all quarantined foreigners, 3,462 are reportedly staying in hotels and rented houses in the citys Yuexiu district. Many of them are from the United States, Mali, Nigeria, Canada, and Australia. 

It was recently reported that 5 imported cases, all coming from Nigeria, were identified on Kuanquan Street in the Yuexiu district. Four of the five people reported had eaten at Emma Food several times within a short period of time. 

After further investigation by the CDC, 197 people in total had come into direct or indirect contact with them, and have all undergone required testing thanks to contact tracing efforts.

In total, Guangzhou has screened 3,779 people traveling from high-risk countries, all of whom have undergone nucleic acid testing and been treating accordingly to ensure their safety as well as that of surrounding communities in the city.

The Health Commission has also stressed the importance of remaining alert to a potential new outbreak, as the risk of transmission caused by sporadic and imported cases still looms over the public.

While people are asked not to panic, it is highly recommended that they continue following social distancing rules and maintaining a constant healthy hygiene as one should on a normal daily basis regardless.