Official Schedule of University Start Dates & COVID-19 Test Info

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

On April 21, 2020, the Education Department of Hainan announced the graduation-grades of colleges and universities in the province could resume classes from May 9 onward. Other grades could return to school starting from May 16, in a staggered manner. All teachers and students (including foreign teachers and students) who are still abroad shall not return to school for the time being.

Additionally, other areas announced the resumption schedule for Universities!

The announcement

Resumption Timetable of Universities across the country (as of April 21)

As of 5PM on April 21st, 18 regions in mainland China have issued the notices on reopening time of universities, which are listed as follows:

Who has to be Tested Before Resuming Classes?

Due to the pandemic, multiple local governments have proposed to carry out nucleic acid testing of COVID-19 for teachers and students, which varies from one another.

Harbin: All the teachers, students and work staff of third grade of high schools shall undergo free tests of nucleic acid and serum antibody before resuming classes.

Hubei: All teachers across the province shall take the nucleic acid test of COVID-19 before returning to work. Additionally, teachers in Wuhan will also undergo tests of serum antibodies.

Shenyang: The tests of nucleic acid and the serum antibody of COVID-19 need to be carried out among all the teaching staff before classes can be resumed.

Guangdong: The government will carry out COVID-19 nucleic acid tests for all the returning teachers and students of the third grades of senior and junior middle schools.

Beijing: Third graders and their teachers of senior and junior middle schools who are returning to Beijing shall take COVID-19 tests first. 

Fuzhou: Teachers and students who come from the hard-hit areas, return from abroad, contact with overseas relatives, or live with a family member has been in any of the above-mentioned conditions, shall take a test for COVID-19 before returning to classes.

Tai'an: All personnel returning school in Tai'an, Shandong Province shall undergo the serum antibody tests.