Now, You Can Buy a Phone on Meituan?!

Source: Abacus News

Meituan is Chinas largest food delivery app, but you can use it to order a lot more than just food. The latest thing people can order?

Sephora beauty products, which can now be ordered in 16 cities. Meituan also now helps deliver Huawei products like smartphones, tablets and earbuds in three cities.

Meituans food delivery app shows there are no delivery fees for these services in Beijing, and some Huawei stores in the capital city promise smartphone orders will arrive within an hour. Last month, bookstores in some Chinese cities also joined the delivery platform.

Even though many people have been stuck at home because of city lockdowns, the pandemic hasn't given Meituan a boost. . Many restaurants across China shut down, and other on-demand services were crippled. Meituan warned that it will post a loss for the first quarter.