Name: Michael      Age: 30      Job: software engineer

Michael suffered hair loss at the age of 18.  From forehead to middle sparse hair, his hair is felling off more and more seriously, and his hair follicle has been damaged, so it looks slim, soft and dry. Even though he had tried many products and medicine, it is useless, he felt annoyed and self-abasement about his aged face looking due to hair loss. although his age is 30, his face looks like 40 years old, looking older than his exact age. also his girlfriend broke up with her. Michael lost hair due to genetic factors and high-pressure work. He decided to treatment hair well-returning density hair, so he searched internet and found our hospital.

When Michael went to our hospital consultation, our doctor checked his hair follice and customized personalized hair treatment way for him

Before transplant 

Michael hair loss being M+O shape, forehead is M shape, and top head O shape , our doctor helped him check his hair follicle, and he needs to transplant 4000 grafts, forehead need 2500 grafts + top middle need 1500 grafts, so total need 4000 grafts.

After hair transplant 10 days 


from picture, we could see his new hair grow up, he is so excited for returning density hair, he is looking forward to his hair grow longer

After hair transplant 35 days 

after 35 days, his forehead and middle hair is little sparse, so he is little worried his hair falling again, so he contacts with Coco asking why his hair falling. Coco explained to him: transplant hair is that taking backside health hair follicle transplant to forehead and middle, the backside hair moved to new area, so it needs time to adapt the new environment, so it is normal that transplant hair has a shedding period. The shedding period last 2-3 month,  after shedding period, hair will grow as normal, and it not loss.

if u want to check ur hair follicle, could add Coco Wechat for details 

After hair transplant 5 months 



wow, his hair grow thick and density, he is so glad for the result 

The reason we take backside hair follicle transplant is that the backside hair follicle has the characteristic of no falling off forever, as we could see that the aged people just loss hair at the foreahead and middle area, however, the backside hair no falling off all life, so we take out the backside hair follicle transplant to forehead and middle hair, after shedding period, it will not fall off again permanently. 

After hair transplant 6 months 

Oh my god, The result is excellent! we could see his backside hair no any hair transplant scar. it is invisible. 

Michael went to our hospital thanks for our doctor, and he said it is right choose our hospital done hair transplant. our doctors are professional and answer his any quesion patiently 

After hair transplant 550 days 

From picture, we could see his charming hair, compare before hair transplant, he look more handsome and younger. 


if u want to check ur hair follicle, could add Coco wechat for details 


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