Longer Holidays In These Regions! Is It Safe to Travel Now?

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

On April 14, 2020, the People's Government of Sichuan issued a notice to encourage people to enjoy a longer vacation by combining their paid leave in lieu with the Labor Day vacation and / or Dragon Boat Festival, which will form a new Golden Week from the perspective of consumption.

The policy adopted by Sichuan is not unique, but has its counterparts. In order to pull the economy, Nanjing City of Jiangsu Province, Longnan City in Gansu Province and provinces of Hebei, Zhejiang, Jiangxi have all formulated policies to encourage enterprises to adopt a 2.5-day weekend aiming for stimulating the consumption.

Announcement Issued by Sichuan Govt

Is It Safe to Travel? Expert Q&A

Q1: Can people enjoy traveling in view of the current epidemic situation since they are given more holidays?

A1: Per Li Lanjuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as per the current situation of epidemic control, people will be able to enjoy the coming holidays and it is relatively safe travel inside China.

Q2: Is it safe to travel to Wuhan considering the asymptomatic patients? Will it trigger another big wave?

A2: According to Hu Yabo, vice mayor of Wuhan, a total of 226,000 nucleic acid tests have been carried out since the shutdown of Wuhan was lifted on April 8, and 130 asymptomatic infections have been confirmed, where the ratio is 5.7 per 10000. Currently, the testing capacity of Wuhan reaches 40,000 people per day, which can cover the quarantine inspection to key groups.

Thus, regarding tourism to Wuhan, Hu said that there should be no problems for people to enter Wuhan by May 1st, where they can travel to the city by car, air and train. He also expressed his hospitality saying that it will be the best season of the year in Wuhan.

However, per some media, when planning to travel to Wuhan, people shall put it into consideration that whether they would be required for a quarantine after returning per the anti-epidemic measures in their cities.