Kissing at Work: Factory Boosts Staff Morale With Odd Contest

Just when you thought youd seen it all since the beginning of the outbreak a few months back, a furniture factory in Suzhou shows that there are still plenty of peculiar social-distancing ideas out there.

Its concept: holding a kissing contest with about 10 couples, standing opposite each other behind a glass panel.


As you can see from the video, the scene is quite lively, to say the least. 


It is understood that some of the couples who took part in the competition were factory staff.

As for why he thought of holding such an event, Mr. Ma, the event's director, said: "the epidemic has made people depressed, which has affected their ability to remain focused while at work. In a factory environment, if youre not paying attention, youre prone to accidents, so to make everyone happy, we decided to hold a kissing contest.



The clear glass panel is regularly disinfected to keep everyone safe.

Upon hearing of this rather strange news, netizens rushes to comment all over social media. Most of their reactions can be summarized with this meme:

What do you think of this approach by the factory?

Source: btv

Editor: Crystal H