KFC Launches Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets in China

By Rakini Bergundy

What screams childhood nostalgia more than chicken nuggets? Crispy bite-sized morsels of mystery meat shrouded in mystery no more. 

Today, KFC officially launched new plant-based chicken nuggets in select cities across China. KFC boasts that the new nuggets contain high-quality protein, such as soy, wheat and special pea protein and are also low in cholesterol. 

Tastewise, they are said to be no different from their meat counterparts (more on that coming from our editorial team). During this beta testing phase, the nuggets will retail for RMB1.99 for five pieces (the regular nuggets are usually RMB11 for five).

Image via @/WeChat

If you, dear reader, are eager to try the new nuggets, make sure to download the KFC app () and to purchase a presale coupon. The nuggets will be available at select KFCs in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen from April 28-30. The presale period is open everyday from April 20-22 at 8am, while quantities last. As of 2.35pm today, the coupons were already sold out for all cities. Shanghai Peace store is offering 400 coupons per day, while Guangzhou Huacheng Bay and Shenzhen Ali Center are each giving out 1,000. Each customer is limited to two coupons.

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[Cover image via @/WeChat]

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