How to Say "CRAZY" In Chinese?

I always think English is a rigorous language until I meet the word "CRAZY"
CRAZY could be a phrase for almost every feeling in English
When you feel excited, you use CRAZY:"This trip is gonna be crazy!"
When you feel stupid, you use CRAZY:"It's too crazy! You can't make money in this way!"
When you feel amazed, you use CRAZY:"This is crazy! How did you make it?!"

When you are super enthusiastic about something, you use CRAZY:"She is crazy about K-Pop at the moment."
People even use CRAZY for a degree:"I've been crazy busy lately."
When you don't have a specific feeling, you will still use "OMG, this is crazy!" to exclaim.

Yes, CRAZY seems very versatile in English. If you translate it with the dictionary, the corresponding word in Chinese is "/ fngkung", but, remember!
"" isn't versatile in Chinese. 
Chinese people don't always use "" in previous cases. Instead, we have enormous variations. 
Are you ready for a bunch of new, cool and practical words for your "crazy" feeling in Chinese?  
  Let's go through them one by one now:
  cjiThis word originally is often used as a verb - to stimulate, to excite, but nowadays, young Chinese always use this word as an adjective, for "super exciting" E.g. This trip is gonna be crazy!!Zh c lxng hu cho cji de!
*In this case, you can't use the direct translation of crazy "fng".

sh in Chinese could mean stupid, silly or muddled. E.g. It's crazy! You can't make money in this way!
Ti sh leN b nng zhme zhunqin
* In English you can say "silly" by again using crazy, however, you cant use fng for this in Chinese.
 lhaiMeaning "capable". "(lhi le)" has become a very popular expression among young people since a few years ago to exclaim something is awesome.E.g. This is crazy! How did you make it?!Lhai leN znme zu de* Again, you cannot directly translate your feeling with "fng" in this case.

m sth."" has the meaning of "lost", but now it becomes a very modern and useful phrase "crazy about sth." in Chinese
E.g. She is crazy about K-Pop at the moment.T xinzi hn m hnli * Again, you cannot directly translate your feeling with "fng" in this case.

Now you probably will have a question, "so when on earth do you use the word fng?"
In the two cases below, (fng) is a good choice in Chinese
T zujn mng fng le

He is crazy busy recently

N fng le

Are you crazy/insane?!

That's all for today! How do you feel? I hope the "crazy" hasn't driven you crazy. For so many Chinese alternatives to use the English expression of "crazy", it definitely needs you to take more time to practice and apply in your daily talking. So, what are you waiting for? Get practicing! Jiyu!

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