Go the Extra Mile to Save Our Loved Ones

We are in a special battle in 2020.
In the past two months, countless healthcare professionals, hailed as heroes in harms way
, and ordinary citizens have composed many touching stories. Under the joint efforts of all Chinese people, the dawn of victory is just ahead! However, when the huge clinical blood consumption meets the off season of blood donation during the epidemic, how should we deal with the increasing demand for clinical blood use after normal work resumes?

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As Dr. Zhong Nanshan says, during unusual times, we should only isolate virus, not love. Our solidarity is needed now more than ever. Donation of blood is donation of love that warms everyones heart.
DeltaHealth Hospital Shanghai is renowned for its specialty in cardiovascular operations. We go through the joy and sadness of life with tens of thousands of families each year in restoring our patients health and happiness. Our healthcare professionals have been reclaiming lives from death with bags of blood in their daily work. Therefore, no one knows better than us about the importance of voluntary blood donation and safe usage of blood.

The president and nurse in chief of DeltaHealth Hospital Shanghai with the hospital management are taking the lead to donate blood at the blood bank of Qingpu District

Peoples solidarity can move Mount Tai. The blood you donate with charitable ardor could bring hope and strength to patients waiting for a remedy! Please relay such goodness in your kind heart!
How to take part?

DeltaHealth Hospital Shanghai is making an appeal for blood donation called Go the Extra Mile to Save Our Loved Ones

Dates: 2020.4.7-2020.4.20
(for specific dates and time
please refer to phone confirmation after applying via QR code scanning)

Location: Qingpu District

Donors will get:


  1. Voluntary Blood Donation Certificate

  2. A nutritious set meal

  3. Charity credits,

plenties of benefits

Scan the QR code below to apply now

We would like you to learn the following information before donating blood during this unusual time

The epidemic is not over yet
Should I donate blood at this time?

Could I get infected with COVID-19 through donating blood?

Could donating blood reduce immunity and increase the risks of getting infected?

 Do I meet the conditions for blood donation?

According to related regulations,
you are not allowed to donate blood
if you have the following conditions

If you dont have any of the above issues, you are welcome to scan the QR code below to apply now

After completing the application, you can click  read more to learn about things to be aware of before, during and after blood donation.


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