Foreign Patient Beats up & Bites Nurse's Face for Refusing to...

In the early morning of Wednesday, April 1, the Guangzhou police received an emergency call following a terrible incident between a COVID-19 patient and a nurse at a hospital. 

The confirmed COVID-19 patient, a 47-year-old man from Nigeria named Patrick Okonkwonwoye Chika, was approached by a female nurse, Wang, in a hospitals isolation ward to take his blood. 

The patient refused to cooperate, ignored her then attempted to force his way out of ward when the nurse stopped him.

The man pushed her to the ground and began beating the helpless woman up before biting her face. The nurse suffered from injuries on her face, neck, and waist, although they were later confirmed as minor. 

The patient had landed in Guangzhou with an international flight on March 20 and tested positive for the coronavirus, requiring him to be sent to an isolation center for further treatment and analyses. He is still positive and under treatment. 

While the police are waiting for him to fully recover from the virus before prosecuting him in accordance with Chinese criminal law, security has been strongly increased and strengthened both in the isolation ward of the hospital as well as in and around the whole hospital. 

Such awful behaviors add yet another stressful and life-threatening burden on nurses and doctors shoulders, whose safety is constantly at risk considering their daily contact with the virus.

This tragic incident serves as a crucial reminder to everyone who is being treated for the virus or may have contracted it, to abide by Chinese law and regulations, and not to provide false information, conceal illnesses, nor evade quarantine observation, the result of which will lead to a criminal investigation.

Source: weibo

Editor: Crystal H