Expats in China - "I Feel Safe Here"

Source: China Daily

Despite the novel coronavirus outbreak, many expats have decided to stay in China instead of returning home. What do they feel during coronavirus epidemic?


I have been in China since December. It looks more scary to fly back to the UK. I'm safe here in China thanks to all the advice from the Chinese government. I'm really scared to fly on an airplane back to the UK, because some people are not taking the right measures to be safe from spreading the virus. If I have to go back now I won't feel safe.


As an English person living in China for the past 8 years and living through the lockdown I can honestly say it was the right decision. The West was given time to prepare for this virus but most did nothing, in fact they still have not grasped the true extent of the carnage this virus can and is bringing to people's lives. The leaders and the communities of the West have just squandered time and efforts of what Chinese people and foreigners here in China gave them. Help and knowledge of the virus was freely available but all they did was watch and wait instead of acting on the information. China can stand proud of what they achieved and we can all thank President Xi, the medical staff, the military and the Chinese people for the action and care for each other through this very hard time, they won the battle and came out victorious, they gave all, love, care, and even lives to stand together and fight this virus.

I was invited to be evacuated to my country of origin, Belgium. But I'm very happy that I stayed in Wuhan all through the lockdown. As President Xi said: "When Wuhan wins, Hubei wins; when Hubei wins, China wins".


I'm from Germany and I feel very safe here in Guangzhou. Chinese government takes more care of the health of its people than foreign governments. I am proud to see how China has handled this situation and how patient the people here in China are. Every day I feel more and more proud to be here in China. Great country and great people.


The Chinese government did what was necessary to prevent to get the virus under control, everybody here made huge sacrifices for the greater good, none more that Hubei province and the people of Wuhan. I warned my family back in my home country to be prepared for what's coming their way and to take it very seriously, thankfully the Irish government had the sense to act just in time. Unfortunately action and warning seem to have been played down in other countries such as the UK and the US and now they are paying a heavy price for poor management. I love living here in China because I feel safe and part of my community and I know I have many many good Chinese friends here to help me if needed.


The Chinese government and its people fought hard and won the battle against the virus and I am a UK citizenship working and living in China I've seen the way China handled it so I know the sacrifices they made. If the western governments would just copy and look and follow this way China did it they would not be in this bad situation and I wish they would all follow China in the way they think !!! We are all together on this planet and need to help each other. Thank you China!