Didn't Think Twice: Woman Takes Mask off in Public to Save

While many would have thought twice before acting, this incredible, selfless woman did not. 

A video of a young man who had fallen unconscious while coming down an escalator went viral after a woman standing nearby came to his rescue in a heartbeat. 

Given the current global pandemic, the world is going through and everyone protecting their own lives and health by wearing masks, Ma Rui, a hematologist at the Peking University Peoples Hospital in Beijing, took hers off to use mouth-to-mouth breathing.

As it turned out, the man had had ventricular fibrillation and was defibrillated with an automated external defibrillator on the scene before being taken to the hospital for further treatment. 

He quickly regained consciousness shortly after Ma Ruis heroic efforts.

While the young patient was being transferred to the hospital, she was needed back home as her fathers health conditions were worsening.

Always on call; constantly on the move to help people and save their lives. This is Ma Ruis calling.

"When I saw the young man fall, I ran over to him, touched his carotid artery, examined him for breath and was trying to talk to him, she told reporters. But he was already unconscious, without any breathing or pulse.

She went on to say: After another man came over to check up on him, we decided we wouldnt give up on him so quickly and used CPR to bring him back.

When the reporter asked Ma Rui why she didnt hesitate to take off her mask while this global pandemic is still lurking, she answered: Thats what doctors do.


Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H