Delivery Man Tears up When Surprise Order Reads This...

The video of a young food delivery man celebrating his birthday late at night, by himself, on a sidewalk in Wuhan has caught the attention of millions all over the Internet. 

He is shown holding a small cake with a candle on top while sitting alone in the middle of the night. After blowing the candle, the young man gobbled up the cake, wiped away what appeared to be tears, and rode back off again to deliver more orders. 

Did the young man buy himself a cake out of hunger during his shift? Reportedly not. 

A few moments before this happened, the delivery man received an unusual request in one of the orders placed that night, which read: Im not home yet. You can drop our food at the gate of our residence. One of them is for you. Remember to eat your meal at a decent time!

Unsure what to make of this, he went back to the shop where he picked up the order from and asked the owner to confirm whether this was indeed addressed to him or not. What the customer who placed that order did not anticipate was that, coincidentally, that day happened to be the young mans birthday.

As he was already in the shop, he decided to buy a candle and celebrate it on his own in between order deliveries.

As warm as this gesture was, this was not uncommon. Recently, there have been tens of thousands of such special takeaway orders addressed specifically to those who brave all weather conditions and other hardships coming their way to deliver convenience to our doorstep.


Delivery men and women work hard hours, and deserve our utmost respect and gratitude for their relentless efforts, wearing overalls and spending day-long shifts driving and running around busy city streets. Repeating your delivery is here a hundred times a day. 

But the recent outbreak has helped strengthen a sense of genuine appreciation for the heroic work that many of our service workers, including doctors, nurses, and yes delivery staff, are prepared to put up with.

Those unsung heroes have continued delivering all sorts of condiments and other necessities to those trapped safely in their homes, lighting up the city's night sky with a glimmer of light.

Given their irregular schedules and seemingly never-ending shifts, the men and women of delivery service companies never have time to eat a proper meal at decent hours. The least we can do is ensure that they take the time to rest and appreciate a warm meal, ordered from the bottom of our appreciative hearts, for them. 

Source: pear video

Editor: Crystal H