COVID-19: Almost 3 Million Cases Worldwide;

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Italy To Ease Lockdown from May 4

A woman wearing a protective face mask and gloves is seen in Capri [Ciro De Luca/Reuters]

Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced the second phase of Italy's lockdown will begin from May 4.

Under the plans, bars and restaurants will be able to provide takeaway as well as delivery, and people will be allowed to move around their own regions, but not beyond. Factories and construction sites will also be able to resume work, providing they respected social distancing and other health protocols.

"We expect a very complex challenge," Conte said. "We will live within the virus and we will have to adopt every precaution possible." 

Museums and galleries can reopen from May 18 when sports teams will also be allowed to resume group training.

Professional sports teams can resume training on May 18, while individual sports can resume practice on May 4. The move means that the Serie A league could resume playing games in June - albeit without any fans in the stadiums.

A Rush of Local News

Three new confirmed COVID-19 cases were registered on the Chinese mainland on Sunday, including two imported and one domestic, according to China's National Health Commission. 

The commission also reported 25 new asymptomatic patients and no new deaths. 

Wuhan reported 19 new COVID19 patients without symptoms on Sunday. A total of 61,900 nucleic tests have been conducted on Saturday: Wuhan Health Commission. 

Shenzhen: All overseas arrivals to the city shall undergo a 14-day centralized isolation and observation in the city starting from 8:00 am April 28, said Shenzhen govt in South China's Guangdong Province.

Hainan health authority reported a new case of asymptomatic infection on Sat, who was a close contact of COVID19 patients and has undergone isolation in Wuhan. He returned to Hainan from Wuhan by plane on Friday.

Passport offices in Hubei opened: All of the 101 passport offices in China's Hubei Province have opened to local residents. However non-emergent overseas travel is not encouraged due to entry restrictions imposed by foreign countries which also risks COVID19 cross infection: Hubei official. 

As of Friday, China has approved 30 certificates of test reagents for COVID19, with a daily output capacity of 9.025 million. Certificates for ventilators reached 72 and infrared thermometers 409: National Medical Products Administration on Sunday.

Teachers Travel Ban during May Holiday: A number of Chinese cities including Huaibei and Xuancheng in East China's Anhui Province, as well as Pingdingshan in Central China's Henan Province, all issued notices banning teachers and students from traveling during the May Day holidays due to safety concerns.

A Rush of News

The NBA plans to reopen team practice facilities on Friday in areas where local government officials have relaxed stay-at-home restrictions, according to a report from ESPN.

Hindu Rao, one of the largest hospitals in the Indian capital New Delhi, has been closed for a deep clean, after a nurse there tested positive for coronavirus.

Prison release: Several Italian Mafia bosses have been released from prison under a new coronavirus regulation, the country's national anti-Mafia prosecutor said.

Honduras will extend a blanket curfew by one week until May 3. 

Volkswagen will restart production at its Wolfsburg factory in Germany on Monday. BMW also said it is cranking up engine manufacturing starting from Monday.

Netherlands: Two mink farms have been put into quarantine after animals were found to be infected with the new coronavirus, the agriculture ministry has said, urging people to report any other likely cases in the animals. The mink, which were tested after showing signs of having trouble breathing, were believed to have been infected by employees who had the virus, the ministry said in a statement.

Sri Lanka has reversed plans to end its virus lockdown on Monday, extending it for another week after a spike in coronavirus infections, including at a naval base.   

Iran plans to reopen mosques in parts of the country that have been consistently free of coronavirus infections, President Hassan Rouhani announced. Regions be divided into white, yellow and red depending on the number of cases and deaths. In "white" areas mosques would be allowed to reopen and resume Friday prayers, according to the presidency's website.

Iran says mosques in 'white' zones (where coronavirus cases are low) will be able to reopen [File/West Asia News Agency via Reuters]

Hard-Hit Countries/Regions Official Announcements

Note: The news under this section are according to official reports in these countries; the numbers might not necessarily correspond to the data in the Global table, at the top of this article, which is calculated based on Beijing 24 hours time zone at around 10:00 AM. 

Russia reported 6,361 new cases on Sunday, pushing its national tally to 80,949. Sixty-six people succumbed to the virus in the previous day, bringing the death toll to 747, Russia's official crisis response centre said.

Spain: The number of daily fatalities fell to its lowest level in more than a month, with 288 deaths in the previous 24 hours. That took total fatalities to 23,190, the health ministry said. The overall number of coronavirus cases rose to 207,634 from 205,905 the day before.

UK: Death toll rose to by 413 to 20,732, farming and environment minister George Eustice said during a news conference. A total of 152,840 people had tested positive for the virus, an increase of 4,463 from the previous day. 

India has reported 1,990 new cases on Sunday -- the highest single-day jump so far, bringing the total to 26,496, according to its health ministry. Death toll stands at 824, with the western state of Maharashtra being the worst-affected state with 7,628 cases and 323 deaths. 

GermanyDaily confirmed coronavirus cases slowed for the third day in Germany, according to Sunday figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious disease. The number of infections increased by 1,737 to reach 154,175. The death toll stands at 5,640 -- an increase of 140 deaths within the last day.  The institute previously said the number of daily infections needs to fall to a few hundred per day before further lockdown measures can be lifted.

Italy reports lowest daily coronavirus death toll since mid-March

The death toll has increased by 260 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 26,644 since the outbreak began, according to data released by the Italian Civil Protection Agency on Sunday. The death toll reported on Sunday is the lowest since March 14.  The total number of patients hospitalized with symptoms of the disease decreased by 161.

France recorded a big fall in its death toll with 242 deaths in the last 24 hours, a drop of more than a third from the previous day. A total of 22,856 people have died since the beginning of March, health officials said. The number of deaths in hospitals -152 - was the lowest daily toll in five weeks, they said, while 90 people died in nursing and care homes.

Turkey has recorded 2,357 new cases in the past 24 hours, bringing its total number of infections to 110,130, Health Ministry data showed.  The death toll rose by 99 to 2,805 while the number of recoveries stood at 29,140 as of Sunday. 

Canada's death toll reached 2,489 from 2,350 the previous day, health authorities said.  The number of infections rose by 1,427 to 45,791, official data posted by the public health agency showed.

Iran: The death toll rose by 60 in the past 24 hours to 5,710, Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur said on Sunday. The total number of diagnosed cases has reached 90,481. 

Israel further eases coronavirus restrictions, as deaths top 200

A hairdresser cuts a customer's hair in his shop in Jerusalem on April 26. Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images

Hair salons, beauty parlors and other shops and services were allowed to open in Israel Sunday after the government agreed on loosening coronavirus restrictions.

Restaurants were allowed to sell food for take-away, though restrictions on seated guests remain in place.

All businesses permitted to re-open are required to follow lengthy regulations concerning the behavior of staff and customers, with a fine of 2,000 shekels, roughly $570, for any violations.

Shops in malls are to remain closed. 

The wearing of masks in public remains mandatory, with authorities free to issue fines to anyone flouting the requirement from the first offense.

Spain's kids enjoy their first taste freedom after spending six weeks indoors

Children in Spain had their first taste of freedom on Sunday after a state of emergency was imposed on March 14, bringing some of the strictest confinement measures in Europe in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The government announced this week that from Sunday kids up to the age of 14 will now be able to play outside for one hour a day while accompanied by an adult.

They are not allowed to venture further than one kilometer (0.62 miles) from their home, but are able to bring out their toys to play.

A couple walks with their two young children on Sunday. Al Goodman/CNN

Coronavirus Percentage Analysis

Here is a comparable percent analysis among the top 30 countries with the largest coronavirus cases as of April 27 Beijing time 10:00. 


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