All Set! Opening time of Colleges & Summer Vacation of Schools

Source: HangzhouTube, Global Times

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Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education issued the notice on the opening of spring semester in 2020. 

From April 26 to May 10, colleges and universities across the province shall finish resumption. 
The time for students to return to school can be appropriately extended under special circumstances. The specific opening time shall be determined by the local leading group for epidemic prevention and control of each university, and shall be released by the university after being reviewed by the Provincial education Department.

Zhejiang junior high school, primary school and kindergarten are off in early july

According to the notice of Zhejiang Provincial Department of education, junior middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens across the province will start summer vacation in early July, high schools will start it after finishing the examination, and secondary vocational schools will have a holiday after the completion of their examination; the autumn semester will be arranged according to the normal education and teaching order.


After the resumption, the graduating classes of junior and senior middle schools are allowed to take one day of weekends for compensatory classes, but other grades are not.

Chinese mainland saw 12 new cases on Sunday

Chinese mainland reports 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 8 imported cases, and 49 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8 categories of people to take COVID-19 tests: Beijing health authority!

According to Beijing health authority on sunday, 8 categories of people shall take COVID-19 tests:

  • COVID-19 cases & contacts

  • fever clinic outpatients

  • patients with respiratory symptoms  

  • overseas arrivals

  • people from Wuhan who are about to end quarantine

  • govt officials returning to Beijing from business trips

  • travelers to stay at hotels

  • graduating students & teachers returning to Beijing for school resumption   


4 boys found dead at illegal construction site, netizens call for justice

County officials in Central China's Henan Province said the people responsible for the illegal construction site where four children were found dead are in custody, and the case has been defined as a criminal one, with an investigation underway.


The victims' bodies were discovered in a pit one meter below ground where it is believed the children suffocated to death.


Yuanyang county officials in Xinxiang announced on its official website the victims' bodies, ages 5 to 11, were discovered Saturday. A preliminary ruling determined the cause of death was suffocation.


As of press time, it was still unknown why the children were buried there.


The investigation results will be made public in a timely manner, according to the official announcement.


The Beijing News on Sunday launched an on-site livestreaming video event to report the tragedy. The children allegedly fell into a pit that did not have warning signs next to it and was surrounded by multiple ground projects.


One of the victims' relatives told reporters the bodies were still warm when they were discovered.


The victims, all boys, included two brothers, whose father, surnamed Liu said the other two were his nephew and a neighbor's son, the Paper reported.  


Prior to the discovery, netizens had complained about the company in charge of the construction project.


On April 9, one netizen expressed concern the project had not received official approval, which local officials responded to on Thursday. Another netizen who also complained about the site was told by officials that relevant authorities were investigating the matter.


News of the tragedy went viral as netizens across the country urged local authorities to find the truth and punish those responsible.

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