After 14-day Quarantine, Do You Need Further Quarantine At Home?

China has taken good care of inbound personnel who are undergoing a 14-day medical observation in designated facilities to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, a health official said Monday.

"Apart from living necessities, we have provided quarantined inbound personnel with first-aid equipment and medicine and conducted health monitoring for them," said Zhou Yuhui, an official with the National Health Commission, at a press conference.

Zhou said psychological counseling and social service groups have been established to offer care for quarantined personnel.

Strict measures have been taken in designated quarantine facilities to lower the risk of the virus spreading, including enhanced disinfection, food safety management and medical waste disposal, Zhou said.

Inbound personnel are required to undergo a 14-day medical observation in designated facilities in provinces of their entry if they are not infected or suspected of being infected with coronavirus, close contacts of the infected or feverish.

No further quarantine is needed when they return to their place of residence after the expiration of the 14-day quarantine, Zhou said.

Inbound personnel who receive lab tests during the quarantine and are eligible for quarantine at home will be subject to a 14-day medical observation at home in their place of residence, Zhou added. 

Source: xinhua

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