5 TV shows to improve your Chinese during the lockdown

5 TV shows to improve your Chinese during the lockdown

Hi all ~ hope youre having a very nice weekend.

Is it a bit boring when you can not travel because of the virus?

And maybe you have been binge watching for the last two months.

Have you run out of TV shows to watch yet?

If youre learning Chinese, we have a very good proposal for you today.

Watch Chinese TV shows and learn Chinese!

Here are 5 TV shows you can watch if you want to improve your Chinese listening & speaking in a relaxing way!

Check the link below or search Learn Chinese with Hanlin on Youtube for detailed introduction!








A bite of China

This is the best documentary about Chinese food ever, and you will sure learn a lot about local food and culture of different places in China, and of course vocabulary about food!





If you like adventures and inspiring stories, you have to watch this TV show. This TV show documents the experience of a TV host and her guests traveling to different places for very exciting & encouraging adventures all around the world. I am sure youd be touched or inspired by their stories







comedy central roast

Wanna learn about humor and the most popular topics to talk about in China? This is the best TV show you want to watch.







the first half of my life

Breaking one of the most controversial topics in China, this TV show tells a story about a full-time mom experiencing a lot of difficulties to get back to society and become a successful office lady after her divorce. 

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all is well

Do you want to learn about the boy preference in China? And what happened to those girls who do not have as much support from their parents as boys?

This TV series shows the life of a girl growing up in a family with parents who favor their sons, and not being supporting in terms of education and life just because shes a girl. 

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