4,000 Free-Of-Charge Scenic Spots Open Around in China!

Following weeks of living chaos, things are gradually getting back to normal. In celebration of a time we had all been longing for since before Chinese New Day, cities and provinces across China have responded to the low emergency level since the outbreak by opening up nearly 4,000 of their scenic areas, free of charge for a limited time.

Today, were taking you on a tour around some of those spots so you can start planning ahead of your next trip!


48 scenic spots

Nanjing is full of breathtaking sights. 

The Yulan magnolia around the Linggu temple and Chaotian palace; tulips in the Zhongshan botanical garden; malus trees around Mochou Lake, and cherry blossoms at the Jiming temple are just some of the vast amount of nature you will find yourself immersed in, should you decide to give Nanjing a visit this time of year.

To avoid the overabundance of tourists visiting the site, the Ji Ming Temple on Sakura Road only allows up to 3,000 people at a time. So get your ticket online to claim your spot they sell out fast!

Starting from April, as many as 48 tourist attractions in Nanjing will be open and free - for a limited time, including the Qixia mountain scenic area, the six dynasties museum, and the Dayuen temple ruins park.


55 scenic spots with free entrance before May Day

After a winter of silence, spring has finally come, and Hangzhou is ready to share its magnificent landscapes and natural wonders with the public once again.

A walk around West Lake or a sip of mellow dragon well tea should be effective enough to wash any bit of sadness away.

As of May 1, 55 scenic spots in Hangzhou, including the west lake, are open to all for free, and visitors can make an advance reservation with health code.

Wuxi, Jiangsu

 Turtle Head Isle

Turtle Head Isle is one of the most popular places to see in Sakura, Nanjing, where the magnificent cherry blossoms are in full bloom around mid to late March every year.

During the current epidemic prevention and control period, it is required to scan the "garden reservation code" for online booking to be able to visit Yuantouzhu. The maximum number of visitors received per day is 57,000 (which is already a lot). Please remember to wear your mask when visiting the site or any public area for that matter!



Wuyuan is famous for its rape flowers.

Over 50% of the regions rape flowers are in full bloom, and with 22 of its scenic spots open to the public, including Wuyuan, Jiangwan, Huangling and the Shimen mountain valley, theres plenty of room for everyone to go out and explore!


Good news: the Hongya Cave and Yangtze river cableway are finally open again!

Chongqing is gradually returning to a state of full vitality and bringing its Hongya cave, Nanshan botanical garden, the Yangtze river cableway and more than 30 other scenic areas back to life for the publics enjoyment. 

Shaoxing, Zhejiang 

Limited time admission to 50 A-level attractions

By June 30, 50 A-level scenic spots in Shaoxing will be open for free to the public. Those include: the hometown of Lu Xun and the Enlai Memorial Hall as well as the Shenyuan, Lanting, East Lake, and Dayu Mausoleum scenic areas, among many others.

Lijiang, Yunnan

Full resumption of tourism

As of March, the Yulong Snow Mountains have been open to the public for tourists and locals alike to come admire their soothing streams and cherry blossoms. A must-see if youre ever in the region! 

By the end of this year, all medical workers and related personnel will be exempt from paying any admission fees to access these natural wonders in Lijiang, and will also be offered one-night accommodation free of charge.


Daocheng Yading  daily access limit: 5,000 people

Located in the Garz Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan province, Daocheng Yading announced that it would offer free access to its gorgeous landscape to all medical workers for the next 2 years.

This breathtaking natural wonder limits the number of visitors to 5,000 per day, and will be segmented into different areas for individual tourists and tour groups so as to not crowd the area.


Huangguoshu, Zhijindong, Wumeng prairie , and many other parks have gradually reopened their doors to the public.

In honour of all medical workers who supported the health of our people on the front lines throughout the epidemic, free tickets to 420 A-level scenic spots across Guizhou province will be offered to them (with a valid certificate) until December 31st, 2020.


82 A-level scenic spots are now open!

At present, 82 A-level scenic spots have reopened to the public, including the Lijiang river, Xiangshan scenic spot, Xingping ancient town, and many others.

Xi'An, Shannxi

Many 3A-level scenic areas and above will be open for 3 months for free! Those include the Xi 'an City Wall, Daming Palace National Heritage Park, and the Xi 'an building view cultural exhibition area.

This is obviously a very short list among the countless places around the country that offer beautiful sceneries of nature at its purest. 

And while the epidemic is not yet over, as reported in previous articles, we can start planning ahead for our next trips, as long as we make sure to do so safely!

With that being said, which of the above-listed regions would you add to your planning list for this year? Have you been to any of them already?

Let us know in the comment section below!

Editor: Crystal H