3 Foreigners Survive Coronavirus in China - Their Stories

Source: OT-Team(AFJ)

On April 28, news about a 51-year-old Nigerian patient with COVID-19, Kingsley (alias), was discharged from Guangzhou Eighth Peoples Hospital after being treated for nearly one month was released by one of the Chinese mainstream media.

Fully Recovered from COVID-19

Per the news staff, Kingsley has been engaged in the international trade in Guangzhou for nearly 10 years. Due to fever and cough, he was carried out nucleic acid tests and diagnosed as a mild case of COVID-19 on March 29.

As Kingsley has a history of high blood pressure and hyperuricemia, thus the doctors took a series of measures including anti-inflammatory, blood pressure reduction, oxygen therapy together with one traditional Chinese medicine treatment. After two negative tests and CT re-examination, Kingsley was transferred to the centralized isolation area for a 14-day medical observation. Then he was discharged on Tuesday.

"This is the first time that I've tried traditional Chinese medicine, and it works quite well. I also want to give thanks to the all the medical staff, they are very kind. And bless you all Chinese people. I will continue my business where I stopped. And I hope everything will back to normal soon. Kingsley told the news staff.

Home-Based Isolation & Centralized Quarantine

Besides, another Nigerian student, SUNDAY, and a South Korean man, Han, also shared their experiences of home-based and centralized quarantine here in Guangzhou.

Feeling Safe in China

SUNDAY, a Nigerian international student, who was a postgraduate of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University. He told the news staff that he had been writing his papers during his 14-day home-based isolation. All the supplies for daily life are sent from his community. They sent him not only food, but also masks, disinfectants and other goods, which deeply touched him.

The people in my community are really nice to, and I love everything here. I think the nucleic acid tests and home-based isolation are necessary to protect the safety of everyone. Even though I was carried out the tests for four times, it didn't bother me. I have already shared my stories in the WeChat Moments, and I hope that all foreigners in China will abide by the relevant rules. '"SUNDAY said.

The Thank-you Letter SUNDAY Wrote to the Community Both in Chinese and English

Tell My little Girls One Day

On March 4, 2020, the 39-year-old man Han decided to fly to Guangzhou from South Korea. In fact, he already knew that he should undergo a 14-day concentrated quarantine after returning. However, he still decided to go back to the city where he had been for six years after some struggling.

"Once we got off the plane, the on-site staff guided us to take the temperature, register the information, and then sent us to the hotel. The whole process was very rigorous and reassuring. During the 14-day isolation period, the catering provided by the hotel was all Korean food, and the staff there could speak Korean, which is really considerate. And our interpreter would call me at least twice a day to understand our needs and relieve our emotions. Han recalled.

Finally, Han told the news staff that the things he used to take for granted in his past life suddenly became precious after going through these things. One day, he will tell his daughters all his stories about the epidemic.