11 Interesting Facts About China! Happy Monday!

Source: Thrillist, 12go.Asia

Maybe you know a thing or two about China -- or even more. But this list may surprise you!

1) There's only one time zone

China is the third largest country in the world and just slightly larger than the US, in terms of total square mileage (check out these overlays). And yet, it uses Beijing Standard Time across the 9.6 million square meter soil. As a result, the Sun rises around 10am in Xinjiang -- Chinas westernmost province. If the US worked that way, it might explain why people on the West Coast re so much more laid back -- they never have to get up early. But unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), the US figured out that maybe having the sunrise at 10 isn't a great idea.

2) Women have to sit for a month after giving birth

After delivering her baby, a mom has to sit in bed for 30 days, suffering a restrictive confinement which is, according to traditional Chinese medicine, supposed to be "good" for her to recover. No bathing, no washing her hair, and no walking. But the trade-off is being fed loads of nutritious food, like chicken soup. Honestly? No wonder you've gotta get a license to have kids. It also includes a month of breakfast in bed.

3) Soccer originated in China

See that, England? Not your game. China may not excel at good old footie (as some call it), but its actually the birthplace of the game. Cuju, which literally means kick the ball with foot, was a popular game all the way back during the Han Dynasty (206 BC- 220 AD). Later, it spread to neighboring countries like Japan, Korea and Vietnam.
4) Significant Other rentals are a real thing

Being single can totally suck, especially when you head home for holidays and face an endless barrage of parents interrogations, such as Are you seeing anyone? When are you getting married? or "You're a failure." OK, that last one's not a question. But you can easily shut mom and dad up by renting a lover online and showing off your new, awesome SO. Then you can totally milk sympathy from everyone when you lie and say you got dumped.

5) Pajamas are the new black in Shanghai

In the US, wearing sweatpants out in public is basically saying, "I give up." But comfy, ugly sleepwear is the go-to option for Shanghai locals who are crossing the street to get breakfast, or taking the dog for a walk (those are generally two different activities, despite the summer festival). But this style actually got so popular, the government cracked down on dressing down back in 2010 when the city was hosting the World Expo.
6) There aren't any movie ratings

But that doesn't mean 10-year-olds can freely watch Sly and the family mercenary blow away baddies in The Expendables 3. Quite the opposite, in fact. While mainland China lacks a film ratings system, a committee of 36 people cut any film scenes they deem inappropriate for viewers, regardless of age. Any scene that defaces China will be deleted -- in Skyfall, the scene where a Chinese security guard gets blown away ended up on the cutting room floor.

7) Fact Number Three Things that were Invented in Ancient China

There were several important inventions or discoveries made by the Ancient Chinese that have made important contributions to the world. Paper was invented in ancient China and a later invention was toilet paper, although when it was first used it was only for emperors to use. The four inventions most attributed to China are paper, gunpowder, printing and the compass. Historically at least 20 inventions can be claimed as being of Chinese origin.

8) Fact Number Seven A Fun Fact (or Two) about Bicycles and China

The bicycle was only introduced into China in 1891 by two travellers from the United States named Sachtleben and Allen. For many years the bicycle was the primary means of transport for millions of Chinese people. As the country has modernized so has its reliance on this mode of transport, now more people ride electric bikes in the major cities than the conventional bicycle.

9) Fact Number Ten Interesting Facts about Chopsticks

As long as centuries ago as the population of China began to grow the need to conserve fuels needed to cook food for such a vast population led to food being cut into small pieces so that it cooked faster. The bite sized pieces of food meant it was also easier to eat using chopsticks. Most Chinese people have never used a knife and fork when eating food. The demand for disposable chopsticks in China requires 20 million trees to be felled each year.

10) Fact Number Fourteen Interesting Facts about Animals in Chinese Traditions

The dragon is seen as being an evil creature in western culture, in China it is the opposite. It is ranked first among the four creatures mentioned in ancient Chinese mythology. The other creatures of importance are the phoenix, the tiger and the tortoise.

Giant Pandas have existed in China for 2 or 3 million years, they were kept by the earliest Chinese emperors to help ward off evil spirits and help prevent natural disasters. They were also revered for their strength and bravery.

The phoenix was an important legendary bird to symbolize feminine power particularly that of the empress. The crane, graceful and leading to a long life is the next important bird in Chinese legends, while ducks represent marital faithfulness and happiness.

11. Fact Number Thirteen-Unusual Facts about Birthdays, Names, World Population and Mandarin Chinese

According to Chinese traditions everyones birthday falls on the day of the Chinese New Year. When babies are born they are traditionally a year old at the time of their birth. Chinese people do not have middle names; the family name (always the fathers family name) is followed by a name chosen by the father. Women keep the same name throughout their life and do not adopt the name of their husband when they marry.

One in every five of the worlds population is Chinese, with an estimated 1.4 billion people living in China. Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people in the world than any other language.