11 Cured Patients in Zhejiang Retested Positive for COVID-19

Source: HangzhouTube, Global Times, CGTN

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On April 27, Chen Guangsheng, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang provincial government, said that there were 11 cases where the cured patients retested positive in Zhejiang, of which 9 cases were detected from sputum tests and 2 cases from feces tests. The average age of the patients is 49.2 years old and an average length of their hospitalization is 31.3 days. 

As of now, these patients are all under isolation either in a home-based manner or in designated places, and are under treatment with antiviral and TCM therapy, as well as under regular re-examinations. 
Chen Guangsheng introduced that the COVID-19 patients in Zhejiang have been under a meticulous management, where they have undergone isolation and regular re-inspection. In particular, Zhejiang will strictly take targeted measures for those who are positive for nucleic acid re-examination after discharge.

Zhejiang strengthens coastal control and seizes 37 illegal entries

On April 27, Chen Guangsheng, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang provincial government, said at a press conference that from April 13 to 26, Zhejiang has investigated 61 illegal vessels and seized 37 illegal entries, including 8 at sea. Correspondingly, nucleic acid tests have been carried out, and control and disciplinary measures have been taken.


It is understood that Zhejiang's coastline, with a total length of more than 6400 kilometers, ranks first in China.

Chinese mainland saw 4 new cases

Chinese mainland reports 4 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases. It also reports 33 new asymptomatic cases.

Classes to resume for Wuhan students in May

High schools in Wuhan are preparing to welcome final-year students back to classes on May 6 as the COVID-19 epidemic ebbs in the city.


Yang Dingcheng, principal of Wuhan High School, said all school teachers and staff have undergone nucleic acid tests, and the students have started a 14-day observation before they go back to school to make sure they are healthy.


Per Yang, students need to get their temperatures checked at the front gate. Those with high temperatures will be rechecked three times, and if their temperatures are still high, they will be sent to hospital. Their temperatures will also be checked again before they enter the classroom.

China strengthens regulation of beauty surgeries

Eight Chinese central government departments have jointly issued a circular calling for stricter regulation of the country's beauty surgery industry.


The circular, issued by the National Health Commission and seven other relevant ministries and administrations, said medical cosmetic businesses must be conducted in accordance with the law and other regulations. 

Such operations must be done at qualified institutions by licensed medical staff, and no organization or individual is allowed to do such businesses without due qualifications, it stressed.


The public is encouraged to supervise and give tip-offs of irregularities in this regard.

The multiflora rose's prison break in Zhejiang Normal University

Flourishing multiflora roses have reached though iron bars along the campus wall of Zhejiang Normal University.


Covered by spiraling branches and colorful flowers, the wall has become a colorful example of a harmonious mixture of city construction and natural elements.

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