Zhejiang Launches International Health Code!

Source: HangzhouTube, China Daily

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On March 16, per Chen Guangsheng, deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang provincial government, Zhejiang launched the international version of health code which implements orange, yellow and green color classification according to the actual situation of Returned Overseas Chinese, overseas students and foreigners. 

By 12pm of the day, Zhejiang had issued 72.092 million health codes, including 31 thousand international codes. Zhejiang has kept a record of zero new cases in the local area for 23 consecutive days, and prevention of imported cases is the primary task of current epidemic prevention and control.

Another imported case confirmed in Hangzhou

On March 16, another imported case was found in Hangzhou. The patient is a  male who studies abroad. On March 12, he flew back from London to Shanghai. At 3pm on March 13, he arrived at Shanghai Pudong airport. 

After quarantine at the airport, he was taken home by his mother's car and started home isolation. As symptoms appeared on March 16, and he was sent to the hospital where his result of nucleic acid test for novel coronavirus was positive.

Temporary flights available from Italy to Wenzhou

As of now, many international routes are temporarily grounded due to the pandemic. To help the overseas Chinese and students return home, civil aviation has opened a temporary flight from Milan, Italy to Wenzhou, Zhejiang, which is the hometown of large number of overseas Chinese in Italy.

At 13:50 on March 16, 125 passengers, mostly overseas Chinese and students, arrived at Wenzhou Longwan airport by Air China Flight CA082. Wenzhou City has carried out health quarantine and medical examination to all passengers.

Clinical studies complete for coronavirus drug

Chinese researchers have completed clinical studies of favipiravir, which has shown promising clinical application in treating the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Zhang Xinmin, head of the China National Center for Biotechnology Development, said on Tuesday. 

Comparative experiments have shown patients treated with favipiravir recovered more quickly and their lung conditions were better improved than the control group, he said.

Some pharmaceutical enterprises have already obtained drug approval from the State Food and Drug Administration for mass production in February so the supply of favipiravir is guaranteed, he said, adding researchers have already recommended the drug be included in the treatment plan as soon as possible.

Zhang said the research team will further promote the application of their research results in Wuhan, Hubei province, and will promote the Chinese treatment plan in response to the current global pandemic situation.

Hangzhou bus and subway are free in limited time

Hangzhou is tentatively scheduled to carry out free riding measures for public transport lines in the main urban area (excluding special lines) and metro lines that have been put into operation from March 18 to March 31, 2020, 7:00-9:00am and 4:30-6:30pm on weekdays. During the free period, the starting and ending time of free bus ride is subject to the boarding time; the starting and ending time of free subway ride is subject to the exit time of the automatic ticket checker for e-card and e-payment users, and the enter time of the automatic ticket checker for passengers using one-way ticket.

West Lake scenic spots are now FREE!

From now on till May 1, 16 West Lake scenic spots including YueFeisTombandTemple, Tiger-running Spring, The Moon Reflected in Three Poolsetc, will be open to Chinese and foreign tourists free of charge.


Tourists need to wear masks while sightseeing; receive temperature screening and show the green code before entering spots. All scenic spots implement the "reservation tour system", and the access for reservation is as follows:

For Expats in Zhejiang