Which one do you prefer, seat toilet or squat toilet?


  If youve been living and traveling in China, then youve probably used the so-called squatting toilet. Abhorred many foreigners, this toilet forces you to squat down when going number two, greatly reducing the comfort of your bathroom visit. Some say its a backward and demeaning practice, others laud the squatting toilet for its naturalist approach to bowel movements. 

m tng         dn c 


seat toilet      squat toilet

Zhge sh m tng zh ge sh dn c  


This is the toilet.     This is the squat toilet.

n gng x huan yng n y ge  


New words



m tng 

   seat toilet

x gun 

   get used to

shu b lio 

      cannot bear sth 


     kind; type

n y zhng 

    which type?


W zi ZhngGu y jng xgun le dn c. 


I have already been used to the squat toilet in China.

W shzai shu b lio dnc. 


I cannot bear the squat toilets at all.