We Are All Fighters! A Woman's English Video Inspires Netizens

A first-time video titled "We Are All Fighters" by a Chinese woman has had a total of over 200 million views on the Internet in just a few days since it went online, inspiring numerous Chinese and foreign netizens to comment on various platforms where the video was posted and forwarded.


The videos creator, Jessicia Liu, who is from Shenzhen, Guangdong province, said she made the video to bring confidence and hope to everyone battling the virus, and let the world know about China's indomitable fighting spirit and determination to win.

She added, The reason why I chose to record the video in English is that the spread of the virus knows no borders and is a common challenge facing mankind. This is a time when we must make our voices heard.

"I hope to bring sunshine and confidence to all and help those who feel depressed in difficult situations to get out of the haze as soon as possible, Liu said to explain the intention behind her creation.

Echoing the theme of her video, Liu said, Our people may get sick; our city may get sick. But we, as a great nation, will never ever get sick. Because we have the spirit, history and determination to win.

Source: video-CGTN/  People's daily

Editor: Crystal H