This Province Is Introducing 2.5-Day Weekends!

The culture and tourism industries have been greatly affected by the outbreak. But as things are starting to get back to normal in China, provinces are introducing policies to encourage people to visit a few different areas and bring consumption back up to what it was before the epidemic started.

Among those provinces, Jiangxi has set the example with a circular announcing a number of policies. Among them:

Flexible weekend schedule

Every company will add half a day to their employees weekend to allow for flexible working arrangements and encourage people to explore more of their region during their time off. However there is one caveat: 

more time off means more office hours to make up during the week. 

Ticket discounts

Provincial 5A and 4A tourist attractions, as well as 5A rural tourist spots, are offering half-price discounts to tourists on Friday afternoons.

With or without the extra time off, its important to support local businesses and tourist attractions so everyone can continue living their lives as they were several weeks ago. Lets work together to make that happen!


Editor: Crystal H