This Platform Connects 490 Medics From 109 Countries to Aid

Online platforms have become an important channel for doctors across the globe to join hands in our fight against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

In total, over 490 medical institutions from 109 countries and regions have applied to join the Global MediXchange for Combating COVID-19 (GMCC) program -- an online platform jointly set up by the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation -- to fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Most are medical institutions and practitioners in the United States, Turkey, Britain, Pakistan, Spain and Germany.

Designed for medics around the world to communicate and share experiences on treating patients infected by COVID-19, GMCC provides doctors with free teleconferencing and live chat features.

Medical practitioners can either communicate directly between one another in one-to-one or group chats with the help of an artificially intelligent translator that can interpret and translate 11 languages in real-time. Doctors at the First Hospital of Zhejiang Province, for instance, have shared wits with medics from 44 countries on the platform so far.

The teleconferences can also be replayed to facilitate those recuperating from jet lag. "Knowledge is power! Jack Ma tweeted a few days ago. We launched an online platform for doctors and nurses around the world to exchange ideas, lessons and know-how to fight the virus. We welcome all hospitals to join Chinese hospitals on this open platform.

To date, numerous Chinese medical institutions on the frontline of China's anti-epidemic fight have joined the platform, including Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, which now takes charge of the Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital -- a makeshift hospital built in less than two weeks to treat COVID-10 patients.

Offered free of charge as part of the program, a handbook on the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, compiled by China's frontline medics, is available online. providing comprehensive guidelines by China's top health experts in treating COVID-19. 

It is now available in 14 languages, including Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Persian, Indonesian and Serbian, with other versions in more languages currently under translation and expected to be put up online soon.

One world, one fight.

Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H

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