Staying at home | Protect yourself and others from coronavirus

-Protect yourself & others-

 Keep safe 


at home

-Away from Coronavirus-  

We strongly advise you to stay at home during this special period to reduce the risk to get infected. However, if you or your families have to go outside, please make sure that you know the followings that you can do

1\ Leave your shoes outside the door or you can use shoes box (or shoes cover) and put them in porch to keep a safe in indoor environment.

2\ Take off the outer clothes and hang it on the balcony for ventilation. Its better to put on home wear for staying at home. We dont recommend the alcohol for cleaning, as it may lead the fire, especially when spraying. 

3\ Remove the mask as required and throw it into the trash can immediately once you enter the house. Do not touch the surface or place it at random.

4\ Wash hands after handling masks and clothes.

(Click here to read the previous article to know how to correctly wash your hands.)


5\ Open the windows and keep the house ventilated for 10 minutes. It helps to renew the air that could effectively reduce virus that may be indoors. Air is "diluted" outdoors so please dont worry that it will bring the virus into the room,


6\ Shut off A/C system if they are centrally controlled in your residence. By shutting it off, we can prevent the shared air from being forcefully circulated through all the rooms. If one person gets sick, the air will just stay in that room instead of getting in all rooms.


7\ Do daily cleaning to door knobs, cell phone screens, keyboards, faucets, etc.


8\ Avoid using lifts or staying in narrow space with other people.


International Support Team

Department of Campus Life