Spruce Up Your Home This Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, and that means its time to revamp your interior design. The end of a cold winter calls for experimenting with fresh new pieces and upgrading with the change in seasons! If youre a little short on ideas, below are five easy ways to give your home a springtime vibe.Wood and Woven AccentsWooden or woven pieces will give your home a more natural and organic feel.ZARA Home Wooden
Table854.94Bamboo Woven
Storage Baskets12.39Decorative Wood Carving Wall Art523.16Pastel ColorsNothing says spring like pastel shades. Adding some of these pinks, blues, and yellows will be a welcome change from the darker colors of winter.ZARA Home Pink QuiltFrom 377.94Leno Pastel Wallpaper78.08Au Nai Laundry BasketFrom 23.09Cute PotteryWhether its for your plants or for kitchen and dining, ceramics and pottery are a great way to decorate.Amoy Plant PotsFrom  17.69Artisanal Coffee Cups136.79Ijari Bowl SetFrom 12.49Printed PatternsPrinted sheets and pillows will brighten up any room! Below are some products that can add a playful touch to your home.THEBEAST
Printed BeddingFrom  388.54Wanpei Printed
Window SeatingFrom 53.82ZARA Home Floral Print PillowcaseFrom 112.94PlantsOf course your home will need a pop of green for spring. Check out these plants below, or browse our wider selection for more inspiration.Large  Potted PlantFrom  151.10Small Succulent PlantsFrom 23.09Field Trail Potted Plant14.61
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