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Chinese Sports Activities

d ti j


In the early mornings, many older Chinese people practice tai chi in parks or natural settings. It is quite a thing to watch. It looks like a peaceful slow-motion karate movie. If you live in China, you have probably seen this scene. Tai chi is a mind and body harmony exercise, you can understand its similar to yoga. Both are designed for self-awareness and enlightenment. They are both designed to bring mind and soul together. They are both designed to soften stress and bring good breathing.

du kng zh


One of the popular sports in China is playing with the Chinese yo-yo dukngzh. The basic yo-yo is shaped like two disks connected by an axle and is spun by a string wound around its center and by pushing and pulling on the string by moving two sticks. OK, look at the picture. The player moves his hands back and forth or up and down in opposition, this creates a spring-like tension on the yo-yo and it spins.

t jin zi


One of the famous Chinese traditional sport, shuttlecock was invented in the Han Dynasty and started gaining popularity in Tang and Song Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty, people gradually started to host the shuttlecock competitions, making shuttlecock becomes a real sport.


Modern China also emerged a lot of excellent shuttlecock players who can use different parts of their body to create various complicated sets through kicking, jumping, joining, spinning, touching, and so on, which is totally amazing to watch.


Also, inspired by sports like volleyball, football, and badminton, shuttlecock has developed a series of rules for shuttlecock matches, creating more competitiveness.

Have you ever seen these sports and activities in China? And have you ever tried? I believe in your home country and hometown, there must be your own traditional sports.