Police Officer: You Should Learn Some Mandarin

A video about a Chinese police officers broken English went viral on the Internet in China recently. In the video, a German student returned to Shanghai but got stopped by the security guards at the apartment gate. But the student doesnt speak Chinese and the security doesnt speak English. They couldnt understand each other. So the security ended up calling the police for help. Two police officers showed up and communicated with the student in very broken English and body language. After settling the problem, the police officer told the student that she should learn some Chinese.


Chinese people think that the police officer trying so hard to speak English to communicate with the foreign girl is very funny and cute. And thats why this video got a lot of attention these days. Hope you enjoy the video! 

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Guard: tnnxifijtrnwknynywknbdndeShe just got off the plane and she showed me English and I couldnt understand.

Policemen: Whats the matter? shnmesh?

Girl: I want to go in, but he doesnt let me in. wxinyojnqdntbrnwjnq

Guard:xintzhyndeqnkunjnli,txyoldeShe should be put in quarantine according to her situation      

Policemen: dudeYes!

Guard: ynixyolbShe should be put in quarantine,right?

Policemendude,ynijjil14tinYes, she should be quarantined at home for 14 days

Guardjjilznmeshu?znmeshuHow to say quarantine in English?

Policemen: Dont leave house. byochmn

PolicemennshdurnmAre you from Germany?

Girl: Yes, I am German.du,wshdurn

PolicemenWhats your Job?  ncnshshnmenzu

Girl: I am a student. wshyxushn

PolicemenWhich university? nsudxu?

Girl: Here, I want to go to East China university?zhl,wxinqhudnzhnfdxu

PolicemenEast China university?hudndxum

Girl: China university of political science and law. hudnzhnfdxu

PolicemenYou cant speak a little Chinese?nydinrzhnwnybhushum

Girl: No, i am sorry. hnboqin,wbhu

PolicemenYou should study. nynixuydinr

Girl: Yes, thats why I am here.du,zhjishwlizhldeyunyn


zuhownyxitshcnnluli? yumiyuzhnzhun,tjndedinyumiyuI think it's better to ask from where she enter China. Did she transfer anywhere? What places she has been to before getting here.

Policemenzheznmeshu?wxinxin...zhenndyudinro How to say this? Let me think? Well, this one is quite difficult to translate.


Girl: whats the problem? yushnmewntm

Policemenwait a minute.qndnyxi

PolicemenDo you fly here? nshzufijlidem

Girl: Yes, thats the problem. shde!

PolicemenWhere did you fly from? nshcnnlfiulide
Girl: Kuala Lumpur jlnp

PolicemenBefore Kuala Lumpur you go where? zijlnpzhqinhiqunl?

Girl: Switzerland Zurich



 After checking her temperature and made sure everything was normal, Zhou and Ma went upstairs with the lady

PolicemenwmnjnqknknWe would like to go inside and check.

PolicemenliliyqlnyxihomCome on, Lets help to take the luggage.

Girl: Thank you very much. xixin

PolicemenSo, you Chinese? nshzhnurnm

Policemenhushuzhnwnde,shbYou speak Chinese ,right?


PolicementshnshyushbShe is your flatmate, right?

RoommateduxnshyuYes, new flatmate.

PolicemenxnshyudubNew flatmate, right?


Policemenynwitncnuwifihulinelqsh14tin,rntbyochmnhom? She should be in quarantine for 14 days because she just came back from abroad, please ask her to stay at home, okay?

Roommatemnbide Understood!

PolicemenGod! My Chinglish iyzhnshyny

There are some vocabularies and sentences related to the epidemic that you should learn how to speak in Chinese before you return. Because most of the Chinese people do not speak fluent English, and communication is even more important than usual during this special period. 

Click it, listen to the following expressions 1~7.

1QnzhzhlmDo you live here?   

AduwzhzhYes, I live here.


Which country are you from? 

AwshdurnI am German.


 What is your job?  

A: wshloshI am a teacher.


Do you speak Chinese? 


I am sorry, I cant.

5Q:  nshzufijlidem

Did you come back by plane?


6QnshcnnlfidezhunjlemWhere did you fly back from? Is there a transit?

AwxincnfufilusrnhucnluszhunjfishnhiI flew from France to Russia, and then had a connect flight from Russia to Shanghai.

7Q: lqsh14tindizijilbyochmnQuarantine period is 14 days. Stay at home and do not go outside.

A: hodexixinOkay, Thank you.

As the policemen said You dont speak any Chinese? 

You should learn

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