Part of the Great Wall has Opened Again!

Source: Daily Hive

A portion of the Great Wall of China has reopened to visitors as of March 24, 2020.

The Badaling area is a small section of the Great Wall that extends from Bei Liu Lou to Nan Wu Lou Ban.

Currently, only the north sixth floor to the fifth floor of the Badaling Great Wall are open, the Badaling Great Wall website explains in a post initially published in Chinese.

Other areas of the Badaling Great Wall, as well as the Shuiguan Great Wall, the Ancient Great Wall, and the Great Wall Museum of China are temporarily closed.

The Badaling portion of the Great Wall of China is the most-visited area, as it is the easiest to access from Beijing, which is 70 km away. It was also the first section to be opened to tourists in 1957 after being reconstructed.

Additionally, there is a Great Wall Museum as well as the Great Wall National Theater close by that provides an opportunity to see a full view of the Great Wall of China.

Visitors are now able to make real-name reservations by observing the WeChat account of the Badaling Great Wall, going to the official website, or booking through the formal online ticketing system.

In order to ensure the health and safety of tourists, the scenic spot will carry out flow control according to the optimal load capacity of 30%, and make time-sharing appointments in two periods of 9:00-12:30 [and] 12:30-16:00 daily, the post explains.

Upon arriving at the site, visitors will be required to have their temperatures checked before they are permitted to enter the park.

They must also present a valid Health QR Code which can be obtained through the AliPay or WeChat apps and synched with their ID card that displays their health status as green ( or healthy) before being allowed to enter.

As well, visitors must wear face masks and maintain a distance of one metre from one another at all times.

Additionally, medical workers, soldiers and other tourists who possess ticket discounts will be granted free entry, but must also reserve online and are required to follow the same rules as everyone else upon arrival.

Adult tickets cost 40 Yuan ($7.95 CAD) in the high season, from April 1 to October 31, and 35 Yuan ($6.96 CAD) in the low season, which spans November 1 to March 31.