Online schooling - are Chinese people ready?

Online schooling 

- are Chinese people ready?

By Hanlin Language Center

One thing Chinese students and teachers are forced to try because of the out-break of COVID-19 is online schooling.

Even though internet is now in very common use and thriving rapidly in China, online schooling is still a very new concept for most of the Chinese people. For most of the schools and universities, online schooling is not a formal way of education and parents know pretty much nothing about it. And there seems to be no point in trying it when people are happy with the traditional way.

But then came the epidemic. All schools are told to remain closed and have online class instead until the epidemic is under control. 

And after one month of online schooling, here is what happened to students, teachers and parents.


  • Maths teacher: 

There is no teaching equipment at home, I had to make my own.

  • Biology teacher: 

My account was shut down when we were learning about genitals.

  • Political teacher:

I didnt know that my microphone was off, so my students had a silent class.

  • History teacher

I accidentally turn on make up filter


  • Student 1: 

I am going to be blind. I never knew that my phone is so small.

  • Student 2: 

The homework is even more than those when we were in school

  • Student 3: 

My whole family watching me having class


  • Parent 1:

 Laptops, iPads, phones, all kinds of apps. I felt like an idiot knowing nothing about internet

  • Parent on the 16th floor:

Can you stop jumping? My kids are having online class. Please.

  • Parent on the 17th floor:

Sorry we are having PE class.

  • Parent 2:

My husband and I are both working online, and we have two kids aged 7 and 10. Imagine all four of us working and having class online in the same house.

Although people are making jokes about online class and complaining, but we all know that online class is helping students a lot in this situation. Online class may be new for most of the Chinese people. And it may take time for people to get used to it. But the virus out-break gave people a very good opportunity to see that there are other options. And we should be grateful that we have the internet and be able to learn even when we cant leave our houses.

More and more people are aware now that internet makes learning much more available than before when the only way was to go to school. And electronic products are not just for work or entertainment, its also for learning. You can learn anything you want from the internet anytime and anywhere.  

For people who are self-disciplined, quarantine is an opportunity to improve themselves because they make the most of their time to learn or work even when no one is pushing.


So what have you been doing for this long holiday?


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