How do you feel about the hair transplant?

Today, I'd like to introduce a guy who came to Hanfei Renjian Hair Transplant Hospital to have a hair transplant. His name is Simon. How did he feel about the hair transplant in Hanfei and the postoperative effect?

Symptoms: Receding hairline and thinning on the top of the head

Technique: WUE microneedle

Scheme: Adjust the hairline and increase the density of the top of the head


Hello, everyone, I'm Simon. I've been losing my hair since I was 25 years old and haven't had any anti-hair-loss treatments. This time I decided to do the hair transplant and wanted to restore my hair to the way it was before. Thank you very much Hanfei for making my hair transplant experience perfect. Before hair transplant, the doctor drew out the parts that needed to be planted. When I was ready to go into the operating room, I was very excited.

The feeling during the hair transplant

My hairline was higher and the top of my head was thinner. The doctor gave me a good plan during the consultation. I felt relaxed during the operation. When the doctor gave me an anesthetic, I felt a little pain, but the pain was totally OK. During the whole operation, the doctors were very attentive and took good care of my feelings. For example, they asked me whether I was tired after lying down for a while, and whether I needed to sit up and have a rest.

The 1st day after the hair transplant

It was the first day after I planted my hair and came back to remove the gauze. You can see that scabs began to form on the hair transplant part. The doctor told me not to scratch the scabs with my hands, just let the scabs fall off naturally.

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Hanfei Hair Transplant

The 10th day after the hair transplant

It was the 10th day after my hair transplant and I was very happy with my results. I thought my hair had grown very well and they looked really really good. Also, I thought my new image looked good.

The 17th day after the hair transplant

It was the 17th day when I planted my hair, and my hair has grown a lot. I used to look at my hair carefully every day. Sometimes the wind was a bit strong outside. I was afraid that my hair would be blown off by the wind, but my worry was obviously superfluous. I asked the doctor, the doctor told me not to worry, because the healthy hair follicles were extracted from the back of the head and transplanted to the hair loss area. The planted hair was the same as our original hair and would not fall out for life. However, there would be a shedding period after hair transplant.


The shedding period is about 2-3months after the hair transplant. Then, the hair will grow again. The final effect is about one year later. For more information about hair transplants or to see more pictures of hair transplants, please add WeChat: robin5779 to get 60% discount Off!


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