Official School Starting Schedule! Class on Saturday & Holidays

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

On March 30, the students of graduation grades of middle and high schools in Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia officially went back to school. This news soon became hot news among students and parents across the country.Due to this, we have collected the dates of when other areas will start school.

Resume Schedule of Schools Nationwide

So, when will schools in other regions of China reopen? As of March 30, these regions have announced their school starting schedules. Be sure to take a look below!

Holidays to be Reduced

By far, provinces including Sichuan, Shaanxi, Guangdong and Shandong have stressed that the total teaching time of the semester wont be affected by the breakout, which is to say that they will take weekends and summer vacation to make up. 

Among them, Zigong and Panzhihua, two cities in Sichuan have announced that all students of the primary, secondary and high schools in the city will have to attend classes on Saturdays, and the summer vacation will be reduced.

Announcement as it appeared on the internet

As for now, many regions have announced when school will start again. This information is available above. However, there are still many areas that have not announced school start days, but we will be sure to provide updates for everyone when that happens.

It is also worth noting that certain areas within regions may have their own rules, regulations and starting time. Therefore, it is important to stay connected to local announcements as well.

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